We have been in the Machinery industry for many years. Our machines had met the international standard and earned good reputations from our customers. In recent years, we devoted in developing turnkey project, that suitable for water, beverage, detergent, edible oil production line, in order to satisfy customers’ demands of one-stop shopping, short lead time, and achievement of time to volume.

We are able to implement engineering plans with integration abilities for factory layout planning. Molds, automation peripherals, and mass production technique..

Project Proposal
Engineering Review
Integrated Testing
Integrated Testing
Understand Customer Needs
Product Design
Online Customer Service
Mold&Equipment Manufacture
Parts Supply&Repair
Our Cases

( Auque molestie non felis )

  • Case No.1

    We successfully signed a contract with a Cambodian customer.

  • Case No.2

    Our customer was fully satisfied with large volume machine - LM02L

  • Case No.3

    Successfully developed a mini PET stretch blow molding machine.

  • Case No.4

    KEENPRO 8-cavity EM energy-saving bottle blowing machine for large fish sauce factory in Myanmar.

  • Case No.5

    KEENPRO high-speed series – Make a business opportunity in Cambodia.

  • Case No.6

    KEENPRO set off a trend of repurchasing blowing machine in Malaysia

  • Case No.7

    To the other side of the world: Service with no distance