During this pandemic period, it will not stop KEENPRO from being moving forward, and to break the space gap, to win the global trade leads, KEENPRO strives to expand the overseas market and cause the customers to resonant, and finally broke through into the Japanese Market.

Into the summer, the water, beverage industries are in great demand of PET bottles. KEENPRO actively expands the power of influence on its brand, and have been developing the market in Japan for almost a decade. After contacting with this hotelier, and known they were interested in bottled water equipment, and they were not getting a proper service from the previous supplier, so they came to KEENPRO for help, and definitely got the value-for-money equipment and superb service from KEENPRO. KEENPRO believes in sustainable operation, and service never stop, and these build KEENPRO a good reputation gradually, and won the favourable comments from both new and old customers. Equipment has also earned the recognition, and made this customer to buy two of KEENPRO’s EM-series blowing machines to satisfy the current production need and also the expansion requirement. Because of the space limitation, KEENPRO once again has showed their great ability in R&D, without affecting the production efficiency, KEENPRO developed compact, energy-saving machines to solve this problem, and it also conforms the local environmental-friendly concept, gained the customer’s favour.

KEENPRO has technicians in Japan to offer smooth communication and prompt service, customer also gave feedback to KEENPRO regarding to the operation, after numerous discussion and suggestion, the customer felt honoured on the customized service and prompt feedback from KEENPRO. Besides the existing equipment, KEENPRO also offered the customized auxiliary equipment for the customer, no doubt it is a wholehearted service.

KEENPRO established in 2008, we have been devoted to the R&D, production and aftersales service to our automatic blowing machines; business coves Japan, China, Myanmar, Malaysia and many south-east countries. Listen and solve your problem is our mission, and it is the value for our existence. Your trust will stimulate our creation and innovation, should you be interested in our energy-saving EM blowing machine series, please click the link and contact us directly : EM STANDARD

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