The scent of the tea is around the hot tea pot, the light yellowish colour of the tea is anticipating to be poured into the cup, first sip comes with sweetness, then another sip comes with the sweetness after taste. Close your eyes, it feel if you were in the tea garden, the scent of the tea is aroused between the nose and the mouth, pleasant smell and sweet.

Because of the health awareness nowadays, everyone wants to de-grease, so the sugar-free tea drink is the first choice. Bottled tea has successfully packed and sold, no more tea sets, and you can get them in any convenient stores. The clear PET bottle with tea inside, the PET bottle is able to keep the “scent, clarity and colour” of the tea! Bottled tea is not only convenient to get, but the taste is just as good as from the tea pot!!

For the art of the tea, and know-how, you will have to ask the tea experts, but for the PET bottles, you may come to KEENRPO.

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