Model  EM06M1
Maximum capacity (ml)  2000
Theoretical capacity (BPH) 7800
Maximum bottle size (mm) Ø115*H320 
Preform tooth mouth (mm) Ø18-Ø42
Filling temperature (°C) <49︱50-69

Additional files


Heating box

  • “single lamp, bilateral heating”, suitable for beverage bottles, low heating power consumption, it only consumes 2kWh for every thousand bottles blown (12.5g).
  • “independent lamp control”, uses for unique-shaped bottles, it makes sure the bottle wall is heated evenly.
  • Every channel inside the heating box, the temperature difference is controlled within 3°C
  • Modular heating box design, it gives the great convenience to do the lamps and water ducts services.


  • Great air-recovery rate, high pressure compressor only consumes 6kWh of electricity for every thousand bottles blown (12.5g).
  • After blowing, the air is recovered and keeps in the storage tank, and ready to be used on the low pressure systems.
  • Air-recovery rate up to 45%, we obtained the German patent for this core technology.
  • KEENPRO’s patented high pressure valve, it even attracted some valve suppliers to buy from KEENPRO.


  • Servo-driven screw rod, fast movement and stable.
  • U-shaped design track, special material carrier blocks with less friction, and less driving force needed.
  • Composite material carrier blocks, make less dust and long-lasting life.
  • Occupies small space, better for the factory arrangement.


  • ✓Mold-locking mechanism uses servo motor with cam drive.


  • HMI with colourful touch screen, easy to operate.
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