LM series blowing machine is suitable for bigger volume PET bottles, it can easily tackle the thick, heavy, long preforms, up to 12L of bottle volume. It comes with quick-changing mold design, so it reduces more time, energy and user-friendly during mold changing.

Model  LM02L
Maximum capacity (ml)  12000
Theoretical capacity (BPH) 2000
Maximum bottle size (mm) Ø210*H450 
Preform tooth mouth (mm) Ø18-Ø50
Filling temperature (°C) <49︱50-69

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  • It uses precision star-wheel to send the preforms into the transfer system.


  • Uses servo motor, in order to have precise positioning.
  • Preforms move horizontally, no need to flip.
  • Short heating pitch, less energy needed and with high efficiency.
  • Variable lead uses cylinder to operate and servo to track, ensures to operate stably.


  • Uses continuous collective heating method.
  • Neck hangs at top, preform will not be deformed after heating.
  • Lamps controlled by SCR, ensures the preforms heated evenly.
  • Side opening design on the heating box, increase the convenience for maintenance.
  • Water ducts and blowing device, avoiding the preform necks get swollen.


  • Clamping mechanism uses servo motor with cam drive.
  • Heated preforms through variable lead, and then enter into the mold by using grippers
  • Mold is placed near to the side of the machine, with quick-changing design, easy to operate, saving time and energy.


  • High pressure air is recovered to the storage tank, and then re-used on low pressure systems where needed.
  • Air-recovery rate up to 45%, we obtained the German patent for this core technology.
  • KEENPRO’s patented high pressure valve, it even attracted some valve suppliers to buy from KEENPRO.


  • HMI with colourful touch screen, easy to operate.
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