VFW-50 35 3.74 50
VFW-75 35 5.61 75
VFW-100 35 7.7 100
VFW-125 35 9.2 125
VFW-150 35 12.1 150
VFW-175 35 14 175
VFW-215 35 16.7 215
VFW-250 35 20 250
VFW-300 35 24 300

Oil-free High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor features for PET Bottle Blowing Machine:

  • High efficiency models
  • Greater compression efficiency
  • More air generated
  • Less power bills
  • Special cooling and moisture design
  • μ - level air filtering accuracy, suitable for various industrial environments.
  • Driven by the crankshaft of oil pump, no additional power needed.
  • Stainless steel suction / discharge valves for high strength and long service life.
  • Pistons made of aluminum alloy for effective weight reduction and dynamic balance.
  • Special coating on cross-head for better wearing resistance and smoother operations in the long run.
  • Single-action design for the 2nd and 3rd stages, thus reducing the number of valves needed.
  • Mono-block 2nd and 3rd stage pistons, no need for 3-stage air-tight design.
  • Compressor body encapsulated in a water jacket for effective cooling and increased life of parts and components.
  • Piston rings made of PTFE, special formula that increases wear resistance and service life.
Applications of PET Bottle blowing Machine
  • The demand for PET blowing is growing.
  • VFW series compressors are designed exclusively for PET bottle blowing machines.
  • The air compression process is 100% completely oil-free, allowing for the supply of oil-free, clean air.
  • PET bottles and containers are recycled massively as the idea of environmental protection grows.
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