There is a high threshold to enter the European market for Taiwan, and the language and system complexity have become the problem to enter the market. However, with the rise of Eastern Europe, Taiwan found a stepping stone to enter the European market. In 2020, KEENPRO successfully entered the European market and established a base in Katowice, Poland.

Poland is an industrial country (the top 10 GDP in Europe) and located in the middle of Europe. The advantageous geographical location makes it easier to enter the European market. It is easier for KEENPRO to sell blow molding machines and the service to European customers.

Nowadays, PET market trends in Europe are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and good service. KEENPRO bottle blowing machines conform to European market standards CE and SGS requirements for certification power saving mechanism. Now we have shortened the distance of service for European customers.

KEENPRO has always been leading the provision of comprehensive services to customers with professional knowledge. We also provided education and training with physical equipment to Polish partners under the pandemic.

It is our mission to listen to and solve your problems, and it is the value of KEENPRO!

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