Machinery industry adds a new force in the middle of Taiwan! The PET stretch blow molding machine leading brand KEENPRO Industry Corp. had a Groundbreaking Ceremony in Taichung City, Wuri District on the 1st July this year (2021), it was hosted by Mr A. Huang (the G.M. of KEEENPRO) and all the management members, it was simple but solemn, and the new factory is expected to be completed in October this year. This certainly will increase the production capacity, but it also means the new milestone for KEENPRO.

Facing the explosion of technics in the market, KEENPRO’s priority strategy is to have a good base, to enforce the running of business and also its flexibility. KEENPRO’s new premises will satisfy the orders from around the globe, integrated more local resources, and fast customized design for customers’ needs, production and dispatch. It will have more flexibility for further global distribution, technics and man-power. KEENPRO will continue cooperate with the old friends, and in the meantime developing more new customers, and shall create more market miracles.

KEENPRO has been in PET stretch blow molding machine for a long time, focusing on high efficiency blowing machines, not only occupies small space only, but makes the space more useful. KEENPRO also applies unique integration design, machines are easy to operate and power-saving, to be more economical. The Covid-19 continues to spread, and it has also impacted Taiwan severely, and the medical packaging is in huge demand, KEENPRO’s machine is able to produce those bottles, the bottles are non-toxic and can be used repeatedly, please do not hesitate to enquire us for more information.

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