Acquire more of the EM-series blowing machine orders, KEENPRO says there is no shortcut to win customers’ trust.

This customer comes from Southern Taiwan, and has been in business for over 2 decades, and to pursuit the full complete production line, thus they also want to invest in bottle blowing machines. The customer wants to be more competitive by blowing various shapes of bottles, thus to expand the business and the market. The customer then came to KEENPRO for assistance. KEENPRO helped the customer with own experiences in blowing different bottles, and provided the best solution.

In the field of mold designing and servo processing, KEENPRO has a mature technique and a strong R&D team, and these give a great advantage to the customers in time-saving, and gain more profit from it; and the same time, KEENPRO uses single lamp, bilateral heating system in the heating box, thus reduce the half amount of the lamps, as well as decrease the energy consumption, and still heating the preforms evenly. This is the major advantage from KEENPRO in the market, and also successfully won the customers’ trust.

Since 2010, KEENPRO has been contacting the customers regularly and closely, as the growth of the customers and also the changes in the market, customers are also becoming more demanding and picky. To KEENPRO, customers are more like teachers like friends, through continuous communication and improvement, customers have also pushed KEENPRO one big step forward. After a decade’s cooperation, we are no longer only the buyer-seller relationship, but rather good friends.

Listening and Solving your problem is our mission, and it is the value of KEENPRO’s existence. Should you be interested in our EM PET stretch blow molding machines, please click on the link, or contact us directly: