KEENPRO’s solid technical strength, the full production line designs, win the leads in tea beverage industry.

It is always refreshing to have a cold tea beverage during scorching summer, and many tea beverage manufacturers are taking this opportunity and plunging into this market. KEENPRO becomes the powerful backing for its customers by developing the blow molding machines. Customer closed the deal by purchasing EM08S2, and customer was satisfied with it, and then asked for a new machine, and KEEPRO assisted the customer to generate the most profit possible. KEENPRO also designs the full production line carefully, to avoid the space and financial waste, and gains the good reputation and feedback from the customers.

This customer is a tea farmer, he has his own tea farm, and the same time owns plenty hand-shaken drink shops. He contacted with KEENPRO, and discussed about the need and saw KEENPRO’s technology, as well as the bottle-design, thickened the neck finish instead of crystallizing the neck, and customize the machine for his need, not only saved his money on the Crystallizer Machine, but also saved the space and other expenses.

KEENPRO is also the professional consultant to its customers, after gaining customers’ trust, KEENPRO then is responsible for designing the full production line. For keeping customer’s core interests, KEENPRO always discusses the functions of the machine in detail several times with the customer, and pay great attention to the situation on site before delivering the Machine. After delivering, also checks all the related considerations, and follows up with the progress.

Although the customer changed the flow, and KEENPRO was under the pressure of the delivery date, yet conquered the challenge with great capability and experience. KEENPRO develops the Machines according to customer’s need and act as a consultant, provides the satisfactory service, and is able to provide another excellent result once again, and helping the customer to be more competitive in their tea beverage industry, and we both have won a win-win situation!