KEENPRO to successfully establish itself in the mainland market with the high-efficiency bottle blowing machine

KEENPRO broadens its international perspective and strives to deepen its efforts in global markets, including the China market where the food, daily chemical products, and other industries are developing rapidly,the demand for plastic packaging products has increased.

In 2010, one of the central enterprises in mainland China was the manufacture of mosquito repellent. Due to the demand for high production, it paid attention to the efficiency and stability of the equipment. The customer found KEENPRO through a friend, and after analysis and discussion, they ordered an energy-saving, high efficiency, and high-stability EM series 8 cavities blow-molding machine. The following year, a well-known dairy product Subsidiary also sought help from KEENPRO, hoping to assist in planning the replacement of packaging container materials from HDPE to PET.

KEENPRO started to conduct a mold inspection and test blowing after few times discussion and understanding the requirements and customer’s market trend. We also successfully sold the EM series blow-molding machine. There are also other brands of equipment considered, but after the comparison, they found that the efficiency of the equipment is far lower than KEENPRO. Therefore, KEENPRO not only keeps the goodwill but also successfully entered the mainland market.

In the future, PET material will replace other plastic material containers. KEENPRO will continue to innovate in technology and make advanced deployments. It is our mission to listen to and solve your problems, and it is the value of KEENPRO!