KEENPRO develops single-lamp bilateral heating technology to save electricity and energy!

KEENPRO, known as the leader of energy-saving PET bottle blowing machines, has been taking action on environmental protection issues since its establishment in 2008 and has continued to research and develop "energy-saving" products. Eventually, the single-lamp bilateral Heating technology is the most energy-saving, which can effectively reduce electricity expenses!

Before the forming of bottles, the preform needs to be heated and softened, and deliver the heated preforms to the mold for blowing the bottling process. The traditional preforms are using Single lamp heating on one side method, which is easy to cause waste of lamp energy and high power consumption; or use traditional oil temperature heating, equipment cost, and electricity consumption are high, easy to cause air pollution. To respond to environmental protection, KEENPRO also overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heating method and has developed a single lamp bilateral heating technology. The preform not only can be heated uniformly but also the lamp energy can be fully utilized, saving waste.

This technology has successfully applied for a patent and has more than ten years of experience. The technology is already grown and developed many energy-saving machines, such as EX, EM series, and others. In recent years, this technology has been widely used in the global manufacturing industry and certified to save more than 48% of energy.

KEENPRO has enough ability to fully use the single-lamp bilateral heating technology to make it smoother in operation and maximize its advantages! Including the well-known company - KHS has also vigorously implemented this Technology!

Note: KHS launched InnoPET IV PH series bilateral heating technology in 2017, reference video: KHS bilateral heating technology