KEENPRO LM series PET STRETCH BLOW MOLDING MACHINE – Small Capacity of Diversity Bottle Production Line

Summer arrived, as the temperature continues to rise, the demand for various types of bottle grows too, and the sales of bottle blowing machines increase. Are you looking for a high-efficiency bottle blowing machine? KEENPRO LM series satisfy your demand!

Besides simple and easy operation, the mold design is close to the outline of the machine, and you can change the mold easier. The current models are LM04M, LM02MC, and LM02L, the capacity is up to 12 liters, and production capacity from 2000 BPH to 4000 BPH.

The characteristics of LM series blow molding machine are as follow:

  1. Suitable for thick, long and heavy preforms

  2. Convenient operation

  3. Stable movement

  4. Energy-saving and environmental protection

  5. Adopting star wheel preform infeed, suitable for diversity preform neck

  6. Adopt preform hanging heating system. With the preform neck facing upwards, there will be no deflection due to heat

  7. Adopt servo-pneumatic movement

  8. The preforms heated evenly

KEENPRO LM series blow molding machine is also suitable for diversity production blowing industry, large-capacity containers like edible oil, and 12 liters of water. Flat bottle containers such as mouthwash, sauce bottles. Cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles such as shower gel, lotion, cosmetics, or other shapes of bottles.