KEENPRO set off a trend of repurchasing blowing machine in Malaysia

KEENPRO has been continuously improving the production capacity of bottle blowing machine equipment and actively expanding its global presence, including Malaysia.

Up to 80% of the water industry in Malaysia are customers of KEENPRO. The performance of the bottle blowing machine is stable, and it is a power-saving machine. It has gained goodwill among the local population and established a good reputation. In 2018, one of our customers introduced a new customer and directly purchased the EM08S2 bottle blowing machine from KEENPRO.

In 2019, to provide customers with prompt service, we expand our business to Malaysia and set up a local branch to bring more convenience to customers such as machine installation, maintenance, repair, parts purchase, and other services. In 2020, the customer repurchased the EM series bottle blowing machine, he said with a smile, 'Because KEENPRO can quickly solve the problem, and the machine's performance is stable with high production. In this competitive market, having a KEENPRO blowing machine let me win at the starting point! '

The water industries in Malaysia are highly competitive, with more than 2 billion bottles of bottled water produced each year. The three advantages of the KEENPRO blow molding machine: stable performance, high production, and prompt service, which can bring economic benefits for Malaysia, and it has set off a trend of repurchasing!