Yes! A preform will affect the quality of products.

Why rejected products produced by the blow molding machine? What should we do to reduce the quantity of rejected products? Let KEENPRO tells you!

Preforms heated and formed by the machine to produce different shapes of bottles. Therefore, the quality of the preforms will affect whether the bottle body has orange peel, fisheye, or deformation during the blowing process.

Factors affecting the quality of the bottle:

1. By using recycled preform:
Many beverage manufacturers use recycled preforms to blow bottles and fill beverages to go green. However, the higher the recycled times of preforms, the higher the defective rate of the bottle will be!

2. Preform collision:
The fall caused the collision between the preforms, resulting in damage to the bottleneck, support ring, and body cracks.

3. Mixed up the recycled preform and new preform:
These two types of bottle preforms require different blowing conditions. Therefore, mixing preform will highly form the rejected bottle.

4. Uneven cooling of preforms:
When the preforms are not cooling completely, and then the preforms piled up, resulting in uneven preform cooling.

5. The preform has bubbles or impurities:
These two factors will also affect the effectiveness of the bottle, so choose a better preform while selecting the preforms.

Therefore, preforms quality, equipment stability, and operator proficiency are closely linked and inseparable with finished products. The equipment or operators do not only cause the occurrence of rejected bottles. If you want to reduce the rate of rejected products, you can take care of these small details!