keenpro started a series of event to contribute to the customers

Machine maintenance requires regular replacement of damaged parts to avoid bigger damage
caused by not replacing it, but it is so expensive to buy many parts in one time~
Good news to you, everyone! This year we will launch a series of special activities,
the first wave will be on 14th Feb 2020~~ Now you can start to refill your supplies
= D We also list some need regular replacement and maintenance parts for your reference.

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The details as follows:
2 / 14 - 3 / 13, 2020
Business hours:
24 hours (orders will proceed in the next day after 5 p.m.)
Last order time:
3/13/2020, 11:59 PM (Taiwan local time)
(Tel) +886-4-23345536 (Email)
Discount %:
5% off on 2,000 USD, 10% off on 4,000 USD, 15% off on 6000
(other currencies are converted according to spot exchange rate)
Payment: Remittance (will count as the original price if doesn't receive
the payment from the buyer after the end of the sale)
Recommended must buy parts:
□Repair Kit □Infrared Lamp □Gripper Cylinder □Linear Bearing
□Guide rod □Seal Ring □Timing Belt □Replacement Parts □Carrier pack
Event location: official website, FB, phone, email