KEENPRO FCP Blow Molding Machine - Affordable to meet entrepreneurial demands

KEENPRO FCP Blow Molding Machine - Affordable to meet entrepreneurial demands 

We can't give up on anyone who has a demand to buy a machine. We are putting effort into the development of blow molding production lines to provide better services, Mr. Huang said, assistant manager of KEENPRO. 

Adhering to the spirit of innovation and timely service constitutes KEENPRO’s passion for overcoming difficulties. We found that some local enterprises or small enterprises did not have much capital and output requirements for production.  

The R & D and production team constantly research, developed and testing until the FCP blow molding machine was successfully produced. 

Are you trying to step into a plastic bottle industry? Do you need a small bottle blowing machine that can stably produce high-quality plastic bottles? 

FCP series machine fills your needs and can effectively reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship and investment costs. It has great potential in emerging markets. For more information, please contact us immediately. 

[Small bottle blowing machine: FCP series

1. Made in Taiwan. 

2. It is a low investment for the emerging market. 

3. Suitable for a variety of bottle types. 

4. Optimize the mold changing method, easy operation, simple manpower arrangement, and the production is more flexible. 

5. Using international brand parts. 

6. Have perfect consulting services. 

Note: To effectively control the spread of the coronavirus, the current import and export trade prohibiting in China. To reduce your inconvenience, KEENPRO provides the same price and better service to you.