Keenpro: Integrate your turnkey solution

Facing the fast-changing market, Keenpro holds the secret for leading customers in the industry:

We value the capacity and quality performance of the blow-molding machine on the client production line.

In recent years, it has been more actively developing towards the integration of production lines.

Because the gears of industrial development are turning faster and faster, integration is already the key to winning for every company.

Keenpro brings more convenience to small market customers through the integration of blow molding machines and filling machines.

[Micro = Blow molding machine + Filling machine]

1. Easy assembly: EM04S2-88 or FCP series bottle blowing machine can be easily connected to the filling machine, and easily start-up and go online.

2. Sophisticated storage: On average, you save 20% of the floor space.

3. Low threshold: The threshold for preparing funds is low, which invested in the PET bottle blowing market without a huge capital.

4. Resource integration: Keenpro can directly integrate the matching of machines for you so that you do not need to face multiple windows.

5. All-in-one model: output from 1000BPH-6000BPH, choose according to customer needs

6. Total benefit: 95% for bottle blowing machine; 95% for filling machine, the total benefit can be as high as 90%

7. Hygiene (optional): add the HEPA system to effectively purify air particles; use ozone to wash the cover.

We continue to pursue our breakthroughs and invest in the development of new products to provide more proposals that are comprehensive and work with customers to create a win-win strategy for fish and water.