Small but complete in every detail – Keenpro most energy efficient bottle blowing machine

We heard the earth's wails, we received scientists' vigilance. Therefore, Keenpro takes energy-saving as the core of research and development, and developed many valuable devices to contribute to the earth!


KEENPRO high-speed series – Make a business opportunity in Cambodiasiness opportunity in Cambodia

KEENPRO blowing machines marketed around the world, including Cambodia, as known as the "New Tiger Economies of Asia" with a 7% economic growth rate over the past decade.


KEENPRO FCP Blow Molding Machine - Affordable to meet entrepreneurial demands

Are you trying to step into a plastic bottle industry? 

Do you need a small bottle blowing machine that can stably produce high-quality plastic bottles? 

FCP series machine fills your needs and can effectively reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship and investment costs. It has great potential in emerging markets. For more information, please contact us immediately.