PET Future Strategies

PET is a kind of plastic that is widely used in food packaging and beverages such as sauces, juice, soda, edible oils, etc.; personal care products such as lotions, sanitizer alcohol, etc.; household products such as dishwashing liquid, bathroom detergent, etc. PET is a lightweight, durable material, and it is the most recyclable plastic.

The future development of PET is more concerned by the world. The following is a brief list of PET future strategies:
1. No Labelling:There is no label on the bottle to make it easier to recycle, and the bottle design will be more dominant in the future. Many major beverage manufacturers have begun to sell beverages with no label and have achieved impressive results.
2. rPET:rPET will be the same price or more expensive than virgin PET.
3. Expand Expertise:Understand the relationship between the proportion of recycled materials and bottle quality.
4. Recycling Industry:Global recycling industry will continue to increase in the future.
5. Finding New Materials:Bottles made of paper are currently being displayed, but the technology also needs to meet the requirements of transportation, storage, and stacking.