Temperature feedback system


Comparison sheet

Comparison Sheet Thermal Oil Heating Electrical Heating
Equipment Cost High Low
Power Consumption High Low
Electrical Heater Complicated Simple
Environment Impact Oil Mist Clean

Filling temperature

Filling Temperature (゚C) Cold/Hot Fill Type Production (BPH) Description
65-68 Cold Fill EM08S 7500-8000 Mold (by Chiller)
70-75 Hot Fill EM08SH 6500-7500 Mold (by Electrical Heater)
80-85 Hot Fill EM08SH 5500-6500 Mold (by Electrical Heater)
85-90 Hot Fill EM08SH 4000-5000 Mold (by Electrical Heater)

Blowing mold heating by electrical heating method

Professional finite element analysis software combines with power electrical heating rod configuration design for electrical heating rods analysis, observation heated mold cavity surface temperature distribution.

Hot-Fill mold temperature system

Employ the high precision high-pressure blowing valve featuring excellent adaptability to air source and long service life. The valve also provide air recovery function to eliminate the use of low-pressure air compressor or supply the use of booster. The recovered air can be reused for operating pressure. It saves equipment investment cost and energy consumption by 15%.

  • The distance between the valves module and neck sealing is short, reduces the blind spot.

  • Air recycle rate up to 45%, reduce air wastage.

  • Using piston for a longer lifetime.

  • Repair Easily.

  • Gain favor by FESTO.